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Ephedrine HCL, Ephedrine Hydrochloride

Ephedrine is a highly stimulant drug that belongs to the medical group of sympathomimetic. Specifically, this ephedrine drug is an alpha as well as a beta adrenergenic agonist that contributes in enhancing the level of release of the norepinephrine, the powerful agonist of endogenous alpha. The action performed by this compound is somewhat similar to the human body’s main adrenergic hormone, called as epinephrine that also contributes in exhibiting action towards the alpha and beta receptors. When actually administered in the careful and proper sense, the drug of ephedrine will remarkably increase the function of the central nervous system and will also provide a stimulatory effect on the other target body cells. This will then provide a large number of beneficial effects on the body of an athlete.

For the beginners, this drug can contribute in raising the body temperature of the user as far as more of the fatty acids are offered from the collapse of triglycerides that are present in the adipose tissue. This will in turn help the users to shed the stores of subcutaneous body fats thereby improving the look of one’s physique in the most brilliant manner. The anabolic efficiency of the steroids may also get increased with this particular substance in a mild proportion due to the fact that the metabolic rate is the true gauge of fats, carbohydrates and protein conversion by the human body. Also, an improved metabolic state can contribute in hastening the overall deposit of the fresh muscle mass.

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These great effects produced by ephedrine will also help in increasing the skeletal muscle contraction force. For this very reason, this drug is widely used by the power lifters before any competition due to the reason that the increase of energy level and resultant strength can improve the overall weight totals on every major lift. In addition, this highly beneficial drug may also offer a prominent mental edge because the user becomes more concentrated and energetic for the future tasks and lifts.

Many of the leisure weight lifters have found this drug effect highly useful and use a small dosage of this great stimulant as a daily adjunct for their training times. With this drug, the user often experiences being capable of fighting the weights with more intensity and therefore likes the stimulant to high extents. It is crucial that the drug should not be consumed continuously for the training sessions as its total effect may diminish over time as the body will become more accustomed to the stimulant and will not react to it.  In most of the cases, the user will consume the stimulant only twice or thrice a week and that too on the important days. It is also a wise option on the part of the athletes to take a break from this drug treatment after a few weeks in order to continue having the optimal effect. As the effect of strength boosting of this stimulant drug is highly noteworthy, the main relevance for ephedrine seems to be the cutting agent.

The widely hyped pile of caffeine, aspirin and ephedrine is shown to be highly potent for the purposes of fat loss. In this very same combination, caffeine and ephedrine act as the great thermogenic stimulants. But the added aspirin inhibites lipogenesis by the blockage of amalgamation of acetate in the fatty acids. Athletes will be confident if the stack is properly working by noticing the raise in their body temperatures. This combination can be consumed for two to three times every day for a time of various consecutive weeks. It can then be discontinued once the body temperature of the user drops back to the normal one, the sure shot sign that the drug is no longer providing any desired effects. At this very point, by increasing the dosage level will not surely contribute in providing any effect. Instead, a short break of a few weeks can prove to be effective in order to bring the working of this stack to the optimal level. Ephedrine is capable of producing a large number of unwanted side effects to the respective users and therefore one should be very well aware of such effects before starting to consume the drug. For the starters, the drug effect can contribute negatively in tremors, rapid heartbeat, inner unrest, sweating, dizziness and shaky hands. Often these side effects fall with the passing of time and as the users become accustomed to the drug. In general terms, the users who have been impacted negatively by caffeine cannot surely like the powerful effects produced by ephedrine. The physical as well as the mental state that is produced by this stimulant is also quite same as that of Clenbuterol. While consuming this drug, it is important that the user may need to tolerate a great level of appetite loss, usually a wanted effect during the dieting process.
Ephedrine is also a well known ingredient in the blend appetite suppressants. Also, the user may notice a rise in the level of blood pressure and headaches with the regular dosage of this drug. People suffering from the health problems of thyroid dysfunction, cardiac irregularities and high levels of blood pressure should not consume this stimulant drug as it will be definitely not combine well with such health conditions. See also
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As of late, there are great discussions held about the future use, benefits and availability of the drug. This is mainly due to the point that the ephedrine tablets are consumed as the main base for the manufacturing of methamphetamine. As we know this is an illegal drug, sold and made illicitly, the structure of such compounds is basically similar as only a small amount of chemicals are required to change the ephedrine drug into ‘meth’. Since the drug of ephedrine is an over-the-counter one, the underground manufacturers are easy to obtain. A fashion involving the great number of retail purchases for such ephedrine products has been growing, a large number of states are taking due notice. With exceptional increase of the addiction of amphetamine, ephedrine will surely join the group of federally controlled products.