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Ephedrine ECA to lean your muscle tissue

There are Ephedrine dietary supplements which work along with the ECA stack to help lean one's muscle tissue, but what is the ECA stack? This term is an acronym used for a combination of three drugs mixed together, ephedrine, caffeine & aspirin. These three works together to substantially reduce one's body fat in a short period of time.

One test for the efficiency of the ECA stack had been conducted at the Harvard Medical School. It was found out that a proper combination of the three ingredients of ECA when taken under prescribed limits for 8 weeks resulted in an average loss of weight of 7 pounds. This was far less than the 3 pounds weight loss that was observed during the same period of time when conducted with the placebo group.

This study had also observed that while dietary supplements containing the ECA stack had caused an average weight loss of 11 pounds during a 5 months period, the tests performed with the placebo group had caused a gain in weight of 0.06 pounds. It was concluded in the study that when used in proper and prescribed doses, ECA had caused no changes I the blood pressure, heart beat and the cholesterol and insulin levels of the blood.

It can safely be said that ECA can be well used to treat healthy people affected with obesity and helps them to reduce loss in weight and at the same time increases their energy levels as well. The ECA stack also endows one with higher endurance power against exhaustion. However, one should be extremely careful that they intake just the prescribed amount of drug. Many patients have been known to get carried away by the amazing results and thereby take more drugs than prescribed in an effort to lose more fat in a shorter period of time.

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