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Primatene 60 Tablets 12.5mg Ephedrine Sulfate

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Buy Primatene 60 Tablets Asthma affects the way you breathe and this serious disease should be diagnosed by a physician. The better you and your family and friends are informed about your disease, medications and their use, symptoms and your personal characteristic of the disease, the lower is the chance of emergency care. Asthma can be controlled by reducing the symptoms, physical activity, reducing the side effects from medication. Primatene Ephedrine Tablets are widely used to relief asthma symptoms and it is proved to be very effective. Primatene contains ephedrine HCL and guaifenesin. Ephedrine works as a bronchodilator relaxing and opening the air passages to the lung. It increases the air flow, prevents and relieves main symptoms of bronchial asthma- cough, tightness in chest, shortness of breath, wheezing. Ephedrine helps to loosen bronchial secretions and it really helps to feel temporarily relief. Ephedrine is also known as an appetite suppressant and that's why one of the side effects of Primatene is loss of appetite. Guaifenesin works as an expectorant and drawing water into the bronchi it causes the cough and helps to remove the bothersome mucus from the bronchial passageways.
Primatene is a real help for people suffering from bronchial asthma and the main ingredients of this product probed to be safe and effective.
Consult the doctor before taking Primatene and don't forget to tell him of you suffer from high blood pressure, heart disease, thyroid disease, prostate problems, or if you are taking drugs MAOI to treat any psychiatric or emotional condition.
Read the instruction carefully and follow all recommendations.

Ephedrine Plus, Ephedrine HCL 12.5 mg

ephedrine plus, alternative for bron-eze
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