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Synergenex Ephedrine HCL

Not Available, try Ephedrine Plus, 12.5mg Ephedrine HCL per serving

Synergenex Epedrine 8mgEvery day you look in the mirror and you are, if to put it lightly, not satisfied with your reflection? Do you keep trying losing weight by keeping to some crazy diets, exhausting yourself by endless exercises and by numerous of other ways, which in the end turn out to be completely useless? Are you at a loss? Have you almost given up? Stop it! Synergenex Ephedrine will solve your problems and will help you not to lay down your arms!
Synergenex is quite a well-known producer of various food supplements, which help people to look healthy and nice nowadays. It has been in the bowl of producers of different additives for a long time already and during this time has proved to be safe, secure and guaranteed. One of the directions on which it works is various additives, which help you to get rid of unwanted pounds and this horrible fat.
Ephedra is one of those rare plants, which contains alkaloids. There exist different types of alkaloids, if to consider their effects on humans' body. If to talk about ephedra, then it should be mentioned that it contains alkaloids, which a good deal raise muscular energy. Moreover it speeds people's metabolism greatly up and minimizes appetite. One of these alkaloids is called ephedrine. There are of course some other similar alkaloids which contain ephedrine, but ephedra contains from 40% up to 90% of ephedrine, therefore it is one of the most effective ones. Besides the fact that ephedrine is a very efficient fat burner, it is also used for producing brand new febrifuges (so if you come across ma huang (the second name for ephedra) among the ingredients of the medicine you buy when you have a fever, you should realize that it also has weight-loss properties). In addition to this, it is also added to drugs for curing some asthmatic illnesses and in general those connected with lungs. If to talk about Synergenex Ephedrine, you should pay attention that it contains nothing but ephedrine - no other ingredients (no guaifenesin for instance, or other additional components which is used for curing asthma). In such a way, it must be realized that it becomes even more effective than other ephedrine-containing supplements, which apart from ephedrine, contain other substances, which don't lead to losing weight.
With the aim of your safety, you should not consume more than 75 mg of ephedrine pro day. And you should start with even lesser dosage, in order to check if your body will accept ephedrine without any problems. Also, avoid using ephedrine while being pregnant and when feeding a baby. It will be a good idea to consult your doctor before starting to use Synergenex Ephedrine, especially if you have some chronic diseases.
So, there is a good time coming to those who decide to help himself with Synergenex Ephedrine! It is only the first step that is difficult. Hue and cry your chance!

Ephedrine Plus, Ephedrine HCL 12.5 mg

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